Fraternite transfiguration S. Sauveur

How Can We Achieve Church Unity?

I participated to a round table to discuss this issue at a recent Saint Filaret Institue (Moscow) conference (2 April 2021)

How is it possible to contemplate church unity in our day and age? What steps should be taken on the way to that unity? Is it true that theologians only get in the way of this task? And what role does the state play in the unification of separated churches? Participants in Church Unity in the 21st Century round table at St Philaret’s Institute (SFI) discuss these and other questions.

SFI was privileged to have Fr John Behr, Professor Petros Vassiliadis, Fr Georgy Kochetkov, Fr Stephan Lipke, S.J., and Pastor Martin Högger of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Switzerland all participating in this year’s annual theological research conference, which was held under the rubric Modern Orthodox Ecclesiology: The Theological Foundations of Church Unity.

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